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Return Policy

General provisions


  • The operator is the copyright holder of the destorus.com portal and is a party to the User Agreement. The operator performs administration and maintenance, and provides users with access to the portal, and services (also paid services), under the terms of the User Agreement.
  • A user is an individual who visits the portal or participates in Destorus.com portal projects.
  • Portal - special hardware and software complexes placed on the Operator's resources. Access to the portal for the Users is provided by the Operator only. All rights to use this portal belong exclusively to the Operator.
  • Additional Paid Services - providing additional special features of the Portal to the User for a fee. These services are not mandatory and are provided at the User's request. The Services for a Fee are also provided by the Operator exclusively within the Portal.

Additional Paid Services

  • At the request of the User, the Operator provides Additional Paid Services. They allow you to use the advanced features of the Portal.
  • Additional Paid Services are not a prerequisite for using the Portal and participating in Portal projects.
  • As soon as the Portal Operator debits the User's account, the Additional Paid Service is deemed to be provided in full, proper quality. 
  • Once the Extra Paid Service has been provided, the money spent to purchase it is non-refundable.
  • The User agrees that the Operator is entitled to store personal information obtained when purchasing the Additional Paid Services.
  • The list of Additional Paid Services and their prices are published on the website/portal only. Any information and offers to buy these services on third-party websites are considered to be fraudulent and the Operator is not responsible for it.
  • The methods and possibility to purchase Additional Paid Services are explained by the Operator on the Website.
  • The Operator does not explain the operation of the payment systems through which the User has chosen to purchase Additional Paid Services and is not responsible for their incorrect operation.
  • In case of technical malfunctioning of the Sites or User's deliberate actions as well as in other cases when Additional Paid Services were provided without having debited the User's account in full/partially, the User is obliged to inform the Operator about this fact. The User is then obliged to repay the arising debt.
  • The Operator does not reimburse the User for unused (partially used) Additional Paid Services.
  • The User, at their own expense, shall bear all the financial costs associated with the purchase (transfer of money) of the Additional Services. This section includes fees, charges, and other expenses.
  • The User warrants to the Operator that he/she has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement in relation to the Additional Paid Services.
  • If a User under the age of 18 purchases any Additional Paid Services, he/she must first obtain the consent to the financial transaction from his/her legal representative. The fact of purchasing the Additional Paid Services shall constitute proof of obtaining such consent from the legal representative. If necessary, the Operator has the right to request a written confirmation of consent and the provision of passport data to determine the User's true age.
  • Responsibility for the purchase of the Additional Paid Services lies entirely with the User and their legal representatives.
  • Liability disputes over the purchase of Additional Paid Services with the Portal Operator are inadmissible.
  • Additional Paid Services can only be accessed by the user after payment in full.
  • In the case of non-standard situations where a refund needs to be issued, for example, due to non-receipt of Additional Paid Services by the User, the User can send a message to the Administration via the contacts on https://destorus.com/contacts, providing the data to identify the payment.

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