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Main server info



  • Server Chronicles Interlude+
  • Rates x1200 (irrelevant, start at level 80).
  • Unique conceptual gaming world where you won't be bored.
  • 4th year without wipes.
  • Donation currency can be obtained through gameplay.


  • Fully implemented Community Board (ALT+B)
  • Character starts at level 80.
  • Unique start - straight into hell!
  • RPG System allowing flexible customization of each character.
  • Assassin NPCs are indistinguishable from real players with useful drops.
  • Numerous Raid Bosses to keep you entertained.
  • Zones with a restriction on the second window.
  • Fixed damage against Raid Bosses.
  • Zones with Anti-PK and without, including subdivisions.
  • Even donated items can be obtained through gameplay.
  • Over 40 different costumes, including Rare costumes.
  • Over 20 weapon skins of various kinds, including Rare weapons.
  • Zones with a ban on donated items for farming.
  • Current clan battles for clan reputation and clan bosses.
  • Recognition of the best PvP players, determination of the Top Farmer of the day, as well as the Top PvP of the day.


  • All players must register on our Discord server.
  • At a certain time, everyone appears in one location.
  • Each player receives a weapon + enchantments.
  • Each round, you can enchant your weapon once.
  • If it breaks at +4 - you get 30 Skill Coins for participating, at +5 - you get 32 Skill Coins, at +6 - 34 SC, and so on.
  • Rounds continue until only 3 finalists with the maximum enchanted weapons remain.
  • Only 3 lucky players make it to the finals, they each receive 300 Donate Coins.


  • Now you can help a new player on the server, give advice, or assist with in-game items.
  • Target the player you helped and use the command .help (the player confirms or rejects your help).
  • .help is credited after you trade something to the newcomer, and they confirm your help.
  • You receive 1 vote. Displayed in the Alt+B rating.
  • New Player Help is also needed to complete .dq - daily quests.
  • Top 3 helpers each Monday receive 600,450,300 Donate Coins + Hero for 5 days.
  • .help only works on characters with a unique HWID whose in-game time does not exceed 10 hours.


  • Specify the hunting radius.
  • Enable polite hunting mode.
  • Configure automatic character movement through farming zones (with a VIP card).


  • Specify the % activation of various potions.
  • Enable and disable automatic use of scrolls (buffs) from the inventory.
  • Enable and disable automatic use of active self-buffs (healer, invincibility, invisibility, etc.


  • You have 6 tasks available every day.
  • Each subsequent task is available only after completing the previous one.
  • You receive valuable rewards for each task, including Donate Coin.
  • Tasks reset with each morning restart.
  • The in-game command to access daily tasks is .dq
  • With a VIP card, the reward for daily tasks is increased.


  • After killing in PvP, there is a chance for herbs to drop.
  • Magic Herb (Randomly gives either 3% M.Attack or 3% Casting Speed)
  • Fighter Herb (Randomly gives either 3% P.Attack or 3% Attack Speed)
  • Recovery Herb (Fully restores HP, CP, MP)
  • Speed Herb (+33 to running speed)
  • Herbs' duration is 2 minutes.


  • Instance duration is 30 minutes. Only one window per entry.
  • Monsters from the Abyss, Heaven, and Hard Farm. (Limited number of monsters, respawn corresponds to respawn in zones).
  • Instance cooldown is 80 minutes. .bot is not available in the instance.
  • Entry fee for the instance is 5 Event Coins.
  • There are also 2 other Instance Zones on the server, allowing you to compete with the strongest players:
  • -Vampire Instance - entrance to the instance from 3 to 4 party members. Inside awaits the Vampire Raid Boss. Drop: 1 War Alloy for each party member. Cooldown for entry - 1 hour. Entry through NPC "Aid" in GDD.
  • -Stone Instance - entrance to the instance from 3 to 4 party members. Inside awaits one of the four Elemental Raid bosses. Drop: Elemental Stone to the one who finishes. Shard of Elemental Stone for each party member. Cooldown for entry - 2 hours. Entry through NPC "Lucifer" in GDD.
  • Check the cooldown of your instance zones with .instancezone or .iz


  • Added a formula that prevents stun (any) from being interrupted by the first critical hit. Stun was practically useless for physical classes.
  • Skills like Hurricane, Prominence, Hydro Blast have had a vampirism parameter added. (Adds an alternative to Necro and Over in PvP, we've tested it).
  • Skill Aura Flare has reduced cooldown and again interrupts the target.
  • Skill Cancel removes 1 to 5 buffs. 50% chance. Has a fixed cooldown. Attention!!! All buffs canceled by Cancel will return after 60 seconds!
  • We managed to do the impossible! Now the power of dagger skills depends on the weapon they are equipped with. We tested them in PvP, everything is as it should be, with bluffing and mirage, a dagger player has every chance of success against a mage or archer!
  • Skills Frenzy and Angelic Icon have increased cooldown time to 220 seconds. Previously it was 160. On classic servers, it's generally 300.
  • Skill Ultimate Evasion has a cooldown of 300 seconds.


  • 6 Different achievements, upon completion of which a solo player will receive a payout of 1000 DON.
  • Kill 200,000 monsters in a hard zone.
  • Be the first to visit any instance zones 30 times.
  • Be the first to spend 3000 minutes online.
  • Be the first to assist 250 new players on the server!
  • Be the first to win 5 auto-events in a row.
  • Be the first to kill 500 defenders in the Balance PvP zone.


  • Every day from 18:00 to 19:00 - a new PvP Zone will be open (it will only be available during these hours).
  • Zone mode - Balanced.
  • Party/healing skills are prohibited in the zone.
  • Upon death, respawn in the same zone.
  • When killing an opponent, there is a chance to drop a Deluxe PvP Key (required to open the chest).
  • The chest also appears randomly when killing any player.
  • The chest is personal (can only be opened by the player who killed the opponent for whom the chest appeared) - first 15 seconds.
  • Opening the chest can yield: Event Coin, Vote Coin, Skill Coin, Chance Coin, Fortune Coin, Deluxe Enchant Weapon.
  • Every morning restart, all keys are removed from the inventory.


  • VIP cards are exclusively sold in the personal account for durations of 1 day/3 days/7 days.
  • With a VIP card, the .bot command does not stop after 60 minutes.
  • With a VIP card, there is no limit on the restriction of being in zones.
  • With a VIP card, buff durations are doubled.
  • With a VIP card, strike points are doubled.
  • With a VIP card, XP/CP regeneration using Super Potion is increased by 10%.
  • With a VIP card, the reward for daily quests is increased.
  • With a VIP card, you have access to the .killerinfo command (displays stats, skills, and inventory of your opponent after death).
  • With a VIP card, a player attacking you is highlighted with an aura (similar to TvT).


  • By logging into the game every day, you will receive pleasant rewards.
  • Only those who are in the game from the very first day can receive this reward!
  • Check the progress of your reward by pressing Alt+B.


  • Long-awaited abandonment of Beloks and Streloks.
  • Now, the presence in zones will be limited by time for each character individually.
  • Limit in different zones: 60 minutes of presence.
  • In the presence of a VIP card, there is no limit on the presence in zones.
  • The limit resets once a day during the morning restart.
  • The limit can be reset by giving 30 Donate Coins for one zone.
  • The "purgatory" zone has been divided into 3 locations: Demons, Leviathans, Dragons.
  • There are slightly more monsters in the purgatory zones. The load on these locations will now be distributed with limitations.


  • Since enchantment only took time until you activate autoclicker, now the enchantment chance is 100% from +0 to +80.
  • Ordinary Enchant Scrolls have been added to the drop in the Farm Zone with a chance of 2%.
  • Ordinary Enchant Scrolls are available for purchase with Farm points in the shops.
  • Upon starting, you will receive Armor and Weapon enchantments that cannot be transferred.
  • Each Blessed Armor and Weapon scroll enhances by +10.
  • Enchanting from 80 to 140 will be available with Deluxe Enchant Scroll (100% chance from 80 to 100, 75% chance from 100 to 140, enchantment threshold +1).
  • From 100 to 120, it's a safe point. From 120 to 140, there's a 75% chance of a successful enchantment. In case of an unsuccessful enchantment, it resets to 120.
    -Deluxe Enchant Scrolls will be added to the drop from various bosses.
    -Elemental Bosses: Chance of dropping Deluxe Weapon Scrolls 1-3 is 30%. Deluxe Armor Scrolls 1-5 have a 30% chance.
    -Vampire (PvP zone): Chance of dropping Deluxe Weapon Scrolls 1-3 is 50%. Deluxe Armor Scrolls 1-5 have a 50% chance.
  • Deluxe Enchant Scrolls will be added as rewards for events. 5 Deluxe Enchant Scrolls for winning, 3 Deluxe Enchant Scrolls for losing.
  • Solo Enchant Boss has been added to the Solo PvP balance zone.
  • The chance of acquiring a skill from a Top Grade Life Stone is 15%. With a premium account, the chance increases to 25% chance.


  • Fixes for numerous critical errors (Critical Error)
  • Ability to re-enchant skills in 1 click.
  • Addition of panel binds.
  • Ability to activate the window.
  • Essence client interface.
  • Various minor additions.


  • Best protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Protection with Active-Anticheat
  • We guarantee stable server operation 24/7/365
  • Server has been running without wipes since 2020!
  • No playing admins, which means no cheats!
  • Original events from the server administration with valuable prizes.
  • Experienced administration that develops all server elements independently.