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Main server info


  • Server start - July 9th at 20:00 (Kyiv time)
  • Beta will start on July 4th at 20:00 (Kyiv time)
  • Custom Interlude
  • Rates х999k
  • Auto-farm system
  • All additions are hand-made.
  • A unique game world, no time to be bored!


  • You can use Community Board (ALT+B)
  • The character gets 80 lvl on creation
  • A unique start - straight into the thick of it!
  • RPG System - you can deeply customize your character
  • Killer NPCs - almost like real players, but with useful drop
  • Zones with dualbox restrictions
  • Raid Bosses with fixed damage
  • Zones with PK-guards
  • All donate items you can get in a game way
  • Zones with restricted donate-items
  • Clan battles for reputation and clan Bosses
  • Highlighting the best PvP players, choosing the top farmer, voting for the best and worst server player
  • Our own event "Roll the Dice", held by Admin


  • Every day from 22:05 to 22:00 of the next day, each player can vote for some other player.
  • All votes checked by HWID
  • You can vote at NPC Adron (PvP Manager), or using the chat command .votetop. Also, after 22:00 you'll get a notification.
  • The best player get Leader's Mark (+3% to all stats) for 24 hours.
  • The system is created for helping newbies. Help other players and motivate them to vote for you with command .votetop. You can check vote ranking in ALT+B


  • Some farm zones are limited by time. You can use them from 120 to 360 minutes per day.
  • Limits reset once per day, during morning server auto-restart
  • You can reset the limit for each zone for 1 Donate Coin

How Limited Zones looks like in Community Board Community Board preview


  • Don't waste your time enchanting! Success enchant rate from 0 to +80 is 100%
  • You can get Enchant Scrolls from Farm Zones (chance 2%)
  • Or you can buy it at Farm Shop
  • On character creation, you get 20 Armor and 20 Weapon enchant scrolls (it cannot be traded)
  • Each scroll gives +10 to your item enchant level
  • To be able to enchant from +80 to +100, you have to use Deluxe Enchant Scroll (100% chance, +1 to enchant level).
    -You can get Deluxe Enchant Scroll from various Raid Bosses.
    -Element Bosses: Chance of drop Deluxe Weapon Scroll 1-3 (30%); Deluxe Armor Scroll 1-5 (30%)
    -Vampire (PvP Zone): Chance of drop Deluxe Weapon Scroll 1-3 (50%); Deluxe Armor Scroll 1-5 (50%)
  • The chance to get Skill from Top Grade Life Stone is 15%


  • Now you can repeat your enchanting in one click
  • You can set Binds
  • You can set Active Window
  • Appearance from the Essence Client
  • And much more other features
Check how the interface looks Community Board preview


  • DDOS protection
  • Protection from the cheaters and bots
  • We guarantee stable server operation 24/7/365
  • We don't provide the "shadow" donate
  • Events from the Admin with valuable rewards
  • Experienced Administration, which leads the development of all elements of the server independently