💎 Bonus up to 35% for topping up your personal account before the launch of the new season 💎

First steps

Each character on creation can choose:

  • Character's class
  • Dyes sets
  • Armor set and jewelry set
  • Weapon
  • The town where character will appear
  • Buffs set



img Adena - Expense currency. At the start, you get 2kkk Adena
img A Guide for Dummies. Here you can find FAQ about our server and help to get started
img RPG system helper. It will help to find out how to start using RPG system
img 5 Master Coin. You can choose the first 5 RPG skills for your character. The rest you have to get in a game way (Be careful, you cannot reset your RPG skills!)
img RedBull Can - Enlivens and gives superpowers to your character. Allows you to accelerate the leveling process.