💎 Bonus up to 35% for topping up your personal account before the launch of the new season 💎

CLAN WAR - April 27th at 8:00 GMT+3. Interlude PvP server with additions.

Server Opening Date: April 27th at 8:00 GMT+3

Open Beta Test (OBT) Date: April 24rd

1639743765582.pngWhat Awaits You on the New Server.

  • Long-term server operation without merging with the OLD server.
  • New seasons will merge with the CLAN WAR server within 6-8 months, only then will there be a merge with the OLD server.
  • Significant reduction in all characteristics. By 50%. To reduce the load on the game client and increase its stability.
  • "Easter Event".
  • Gradual introduction of Donation Ammunition.
  • Gradual introduction of game content / totems, chance-based RPG skills.
  • Detailed description of the game world.

1639743765582.pngHow does the CLAN WAR concept differ from the previous server?

  • Implemented a system where 1 HWID can only enter the game from one clan. 1 HWID can be in multiple windows (twinks) within a clan.
  • Added a PvP zone containing RB: War Queen. Vampire drop remains unchanged - 1 alloy to each member of the killing party. Elemental boss drop - Shard Coin.
  • Solo bosses reworked for clan damage. Rewards are given based on the progression of "Clan boss damage + PvP clans around the boss".
  • Giran siege zone moved to a separate zone, which should significantly reduce the number of critical errors, freezes, and game crashes. (The zone is in the open beta testing stage; with positive results, all siege zones will be moved to separate zones in future updates).
  • Introduced a system to increase drop rates from raid bosses. When a certain number of kills is reached and a certain number of clan members are present in the zone, there is a chance of increasing the drop rate or number of items. Details will be provided in the information window upon entering the raid boss zone.
  • Implemented a balance system to prevent total domination in raid boss zones. When a clan reaches a certain number of boss kills, upon entering this zone, all clan members will be debuffed (similar to Demoralize in Flag Capture). Debuff reset occurs after the morning server restart at 07:00 GTM+3.
  • Excluded "Vampire" and "Stones" instance zones from the game.
  • Reduced the harvest of main resources from the calendar and daily tasks, such as War Of Alloy, Donate Coin, etc.
  • Some content is restricted at the start, namely: No Limited Elemental Bosses (70%) will be available on the 29th at 12:00 GTM+3 No Donate Elemental Bosses (60%) will be available on the 28th at 3:00 GTM+3 New Vampire zone, as well as elemental bosses, will be available on the 28th at 01:00 GTM+3
  • Changed the way Life Stones are obtained from the donation shop. A new currency has appeared in the personal cabinet - Life Stone Coin, valued at 1500 DON. At NPC "Murdor," Life Stones can now be purchased with Life Stone Coin, with the price converted at the rate of 1500 DON = 1 Life Stone Coin.
  • The Olympiad Manager is now updated to display the most current information about players. Only those heroes who have participated in more than one battle in the current season of the Olympiad are included in the list. Players are ranked based on the points they have earned.
  • Introduced the automatic toggle restoration feature after character respawn. Passive skills, including "Arcane Power," will now be automatically activated after each death, eliminating the need for manual activation.

1639743765582.pngWhat promotions are available before the server launch? 

  • 500$ - Top 3 clans in the Alt+B rating, starting from the second week of the server's gameplay. 
  • We are always ready to support actively playing clans. Submit an application to receive starting assistance for your clan.
  • Giveaway in our Telegram channel.
  • Giveaway in our Discord channel.
  • Bonus for topping up your personal account before the start.

1639743765582.pngWhat is available at the start of the server in the shop and at what price?

  • Cost: 1 Donate Coin = 0.01 EUR
  • VIP Cards | 1 Day - 100 DoN. | 3 days - 250 DoN. | 7 Days - 570 DoN. |
  • Premium Account | 1 day - 150 DoN | 5 days - 300 DoN | 10 days - 600 DoN |

Premium Information: Doubles drop rate - x2. Increases the chance of catching Life Stone by 3%. The reward for automatic events is increased by 50%.

  • Start Rune: Includes (Start Rune for 48 hours, which adds 10% P/M attack, +10 run speed - Cost 450 DoN).
  • Premium Battle Pass for the seasonal calendar. Minimum = 300 DoN. Maximum = 1500 DoN.
  • You can visit the "Shop in your personal cabinet" section - all items available at the start will be there.
  • The full shop will only be available at 12:00 the next day.

1639743765582.pngInformation about the first appearance of raid bosses

  • ARius (Donate Items + HP,CP Rune) - Respawns every day at 7:35 GMT+3 - First appearance April 28th!
  • Hero RB (Heroism reward to the entire group that defeated) - Respawns every day at 7:45 GMT+3 - First appearance April 28th!
  • Premium (Premium account reward to the entire group that defeated) - Respawns every day at 7:40 GMT+3 - First appearance April 28th!
  • Argos (Donate Coin + Runa Speed) - Respawns every day at 7:50 - First appearance April 28th!
  • All epic raid bosses respawn every 22-26 hours. Drop coins for level 4 jewelry First appearance April 28th!
  • Super Clan RB - First appearance at 6:00 GMT+3 - April 28th!

Armaros (Drops Destorus Egg - necessary for some clan skills + 4,000 CRP) - available daily from 9:35 to 10:00 GMT+3. Fixed damage. PvP zone both at the entrance and in the boss's lair.